59 Independence/Unleash Your Brain Power3

59 Independence/Unleash Your Brain Power3 【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

59-1 Independence
○“It is experience precious to a young person to notice "a difference between oneself and the others." It becomes the cause to go to independence. However, regrettably many people will go to dependence with reverse independence. By uniting with familiar someone, they try to negate loneliness. 
The object of their dependence is a sweetheart, the best friend, or a family. Those dependence is only the means for curing one's loneliness. Therefore, the self-centered action which disregards a partner's character and goes to monopolize thoroughly is seen frequently. Or they lose themselves completely and are under the partner's thumb.
It can be said that it is just manifestation of dependence, if they would like to meet their partner every day, or desire to be together always, or want to monopolize their partner. Even if the wish is filled temporarily, it never lasts long. Because their partner are different existence from them, and they are another characters.”
“When it is in dependency, the leading role of your life is not yourself. The partner for dependence is the leading role of your life, and is governing your life. With independence, we become the leading role of our life.”・・・” Anyway, a dream cannot be realized while you have been weak lonely. That everybody take over loneliness and try hard towards realization of a dream makes possible the better human relations which respect mutual character.“

Original text: Shigeki Suwa『援助者のためのコミュニケーションと人間関係 第2版』建帛社

○Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. 
Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  -Steve Jobs(1955-2011)

○The friendship between the wise men is light like water. ―Chuang-tzu (B.C.552-B.C.472)

59-2 Unleash Your Brain Power3
・The second way to train positive neural for unlock your originally brain power without having to atrophy is not rely on others.
・The reliance on others is withering the emotions insidiously.
・Even if you go to temples and shrines or a church, and wish only your happiness and fortunes, the Buddha and God will only get bored.
・For unleash of your brain power , it is good to think about not your thing but the surrounding person, and to ask the happiness for the person of the world, if you can do.
・But you don't need to do all of your work, everyday life, etc. by yourself.
・If you do not assign but continue only miscellaneous business, your feeling will shrink.
・You should be advanced work, housekeeping, etc. valuing teamwork and communication and borrowing a surrounding person's power.
・After all, in order to set your brain's ability free, the posture in which it does not depend on other things is required.
・If you do not depend on other things and have a margin to sympathize with the others, your brain power will be enleashed.

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59 自立/脳力の解放3

59 自立/脳力の解放3 【人生】宇宙との対話

59-1 自立

原典:諏訪茂樹『援助者のためのコミュニケーションと人間関係 第2版』建帛社


○孤独は、創造を業とする者には、神が創造の才能を与えた代償とでも考えたのかと思うほどに、一生ついてまわる宿命である。 塩野 七生「ユリウス・カエサル」ルビコン以降[中] (p.115)


○『愛するものと一緒に暮らすには一つの秘訣がいる。すなわち相手を変えようとしないことだ。気にさわる彼女の欠点を直そうとすると、忽ち彼女の幸せまで破壊することになるからだ』【ジャック・シャルドンヌ (1884-1968)】

59-2 脳力の解放3

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58 Really Important Thing? /Unleash Your Brain Power2

58 Really Important Thing? /Unleash Your Brain Power2 【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

・How do you train a positive neural circuit?
・At first you never picky cares.

・In Mature society, the chances of success are less than growth society. The opportunity to acquire money, a status, and honor may decrease for most persons, however they may do their best, it will become difficult to obtain them.
・Then, if you are going to adhere to what is not and are going to live, your view will become narrow.
・If the state continues, you will disappear the pleasure which must be everywhere, and your heart will shrink.
・Cultivation of a negative circuit begins from here.
・In short, don't be attached to "what is not."
・If you understand that getting money, a status, honor, etc is impossible, don't be attached to them.
・Instead, be attached to "what existing."
・Change your mind to value your really important matter, your ability, etc. And develop them.
・Let's train your positive neural circuit and set free the brain's ability equipped from the first!

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58 本当に大事なことは?/脳力の解放2

58 本当に大事なことは?/脳力の解放2 【人生】宇宙との対話

・ ポジティブな神経回路って、どうやって養成したらいいのだろう?

・ 成熟社会では、成長社会よりも成功するチャンスは少なくなる。大半の人にとって、お金や地位や名誉を得る機会が減り、どうがんばっても、それらを得ることが難しくなる。
・ その時、無いものにこだわって生きようとすると視野が狭くなる。
・ 視野の狭い状態が続くと、いたるところにあるはずの楽しみが見えなくなり、心が萎縮してしまう。
・ ここからネガティブな回路の養成が始まる。
・ お金や地位や名誉などが、手に入れることが無理と分かったら、こだわらないこと。
・ その代わり、「有るもの」にこだわるのだ。
・ 自分にとって本当に大事なこと、自分の得意なことなどを大切にしたり、伸ばしたりすることに気持ちを切り替えるのだ。
・ ポジティブな神経回路を養成して、もともと備わっている脳力を解き放ちましょう!

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57 Training of Positive Neural/Unleash Your Brain Power 1 

57 Training of Positive Neural/Unleash Your Brain Power 1 【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

○"Brain decides happiness!"

Source: Marci Shimoff [Author] Kenichiro Mogi [Not] "Do it just "good for the brain" " Publisher Mikasa Shobo (p.2)

・According to this book by repeated the same thing, neural circuitry of the brain
will be strengthened.
・And these "negative" things are firmly memorized by the neural circuit, and a "positive" things are hard to be memorized.
・In modern society with much stress that is going to simple society from growth society, if nothing is done, a "negative" neural circuit will be strengthened in a brain and a "positive" neural circuit will become overwhelmingly inferior in strength.
・Then, it is necessary to train being conscious of a "positive" neural circuit.

○Happiness depends upon ourselves. -Aristotle(B.C.384 – B.C.322)

☆ If you want to become positive, train the upper body.

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57 ポジティブな神経回路の養成/脳力の解放1

57 ポジティブな神経回路の養成/脳力の解放1【人生】宇宙との対話


出典:マーシー・シャイモフ [著]・茂木健一郎[訳]「「脳にいいこと」だけをやりなさい!」三笠書房(p.2)

・ そこで、「ポジティブ」な神経回路を意識して養成することが必要になってくる。

○幸せかどうかは、自分次第である。-アリストテレス(B.C.384 – B.C.322)


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56 Growth with Pleasure

56 Growth with Pleasure 【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

・To live is to grow up as an intellect object.
・However it is necessary to warn against growth-stopping or shrinking.
・For that purpose, you have to find the theme to which life may be applied.
・And don't forget to praise yourself and others.

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56 一瞬一瞬を楽しみながら成長を続けること

56 一瞬一瞬を楽しみながら成長を続けること 【人生】宇宙との対話


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55 Positive Thinking

55 Positive Thinking  【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

・An ordinary man must never blame himself.
・For common people to blame himself is like making the other enemy. As a result, everything becomes impossible increasingly.
・The brain works well when optimistic. 

・Then, I send "a murmur."

Don't blame yourself.
But even you are small.
If you won't stop to blame, you'll be flour.

☆Think positive, do it positive, be positive!

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55 ポジティブ思考

55 ポジティブ思考 【人生】宇宙との対話


・「脳は楽観的でないとうまく働いてくれない。」茂木 健一郎




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54 About Suicide

54 About Suicide 【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

• The non-human animals try desperately to live until the last minute.
・Your body also wants to live.
・But why there would be persons who commit suicide?

・When I thinking about that on the home of the station while in the time of a little depressed feeling, sometimes I feel fear that I might jump on impulse into the running train.
・My body does not hope I would die. My families do not think such a thing even dream of. Some people who might get annoyed by suicide do not expect such a thing.

・I know, my heart at such time is small.
・Therefore, if I die then, I will die with the small heart.

・Probably it is doing of a brain and the developed frontal lobe.

・The mechanism of dying if people's mind becomes small.
・Why is there such mechanism?

・The reason for having made specially the mechanism "die if it becomes small"
・Although it seems that it is cruel ...
・It may be a message "grow up greatly" from the universe.

Over 800,000 people die due to suicide every year. 75% of global suicide occurred in low- and middle-income countries. Suicide was the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds globally in 2012.

【参 照】Suicide data(WHO)

54 自殺について

54 自殺について 【人生】宇宙との対話







世界では毎年80万人が自殺しており、世界の自殺の75%は低中所得国で起こり、各国で自殺は死因の10位以内に入り、特に15~29歳の年代では2位になっている(WHO 2012年)
【参 照】Suicide data(WHO)


53 Love

53 Love 【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

53-1 What is love?
・If you can find love at lucky enough, remember that it is a rare thing, you should not 
abandoned it. Stephen William Hawking

☆Love is the volition which is going to value a certain object.
☆It will become beauty if love is pierced. 

Freedom makes people loneliness .
But don't be afraid.
You cannot grow up, if not loneliness .
It says, if you do not forget love.
Loneliness and love grow up you.

○Humans are mass of greed.
☆Love is like a moss sticking to a human 's greed.

※Image of love

53-2 Oxytocin, OXT
○Oxytocin can decrease anxiety and protect against stress. It's sometimes known as the "cuddle hormone" or the "love hormone," because it is released when people snuggle up or bond socially. Oxytocin is normally produced by the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus and released by the posterior pituitary. [1]
※Hypothalamus [2]

○However, excessive intake leads to decrease of the oxytocin receptor, and increase in the aggressiveness and the sense of insecurity. [3]

1. Kelly Mcgonigal”How to make stress your friend? “at TEDGlobal 2013
3. WIRED”「幸せ」は、ハグやセックスで増えるオキシトシンで決まる”

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