5 Aurora(version3)

5 Aurora(version3) 【Prologue】Dialogue with the Universe

○A person who challenges and does not give up can see the aurora.

☆Be who you are. Explore yourself more and more to become your own ultimately, and you express it, the expression becomes word of God. 

☆There is no need to lament that without talent, it must be afraid without enthusiasm.

○It’s best to do one thing really, really well. -Google

5 オーロラ(その3).jpg

Auroras over Northern Canada 
Image Credit & Copyright: Kwon, O Chul (TWAN)

5 オーロラ(その3)

5 オーロラ(その3)【プロローグ】宇宙との対話


○「自分らしくあれ」・・・「どんどん自分をつきつめて自分になって、そしてそれを表現していくと、その表現は神の言葉になる」横尾忠則( 1936 - )


○「いちずに一本道 いちずに一つ事」相田みつを(1924-1991)

5 オーロラ(その3).jpg

Auroras over Northern Canada 
Image Credit & Copyright: Kwon, O Chul (TWAN)

4 Aurora(version2)

4 Aurora(version2) 【Prologue】Dialogue with the Universe

There is something which disappears when it is exposed to flames of passion, as Aurora. 

4 オーロラ(その2).jpg


4 オーロラ(その2)

4 オーロラ(その2)【プロローグ】宇宙との対話


4 オーロラ(その2).jpg


3 Aurora(version1)

3 Aurora(version1) 【Prologue】Dialogue with the Universe

Truth and Love and Happiness is what we see it approaches the brink of death(like polar regions;cold and dark) ,as Aurora.

3 オーロラ(その1).jpg

※Service Aurora

3 オーロラ(その1)

3 オーロラ(その1)【プロローグ】宇宙との対話


3 オーロラ(その1).jpg



2 The Important Thing

2 The Important Thing【Prologue】Dialogue with the Universe

・The important thing is that people is bestowed the ability to interact with the universe !
・By interacting with the universe, we can live in the space-time of infinite multiples of our lifetime.

☆The meaning in which the intelligence exists is to create the meaning.

2 大事なこと(花火).jpg

2 大事なこと

2 大事なこと 【プロローグ】宇宙との対話



2 大事なこと(花火).jpg

1 Dialogue with the Universe

1 Dialogue with the Universe【Prologue】Dialogue with the Universe

○Thank you for coming.
○In this corner I will talk about the universe, intelligence and life, and explore their future.
○As a matter of fact, I’d like to do is know the future of the universe and the intelligence.

○Human beings are unique creatures that never stop to confirm the meaning that their alive.
○Thinking about the future is a human-specific brain function.

○And I’m going to make some idea.
○Since I intend to go little by little, please read the latest version.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. -Alan Kaye (1940 -)

☆Be positive, do it positive, give the positive!

☆Image of the Universe

1 宇宙との対話

1 宇宙との対話【プロローグ】宇宙との対話


○人間は、自分が生きている意味を確認せずにはいられない、特異な生物。-中野信子(1975 - )
○未来について考えるのが人間特有の脳機能-澤口俊之(1959 - )


○未来を予測する最善の方法は、それを発明することだ。-アラン・ケイ(1940 -)



98 To the Future!

98 To the Future!【Summary】Dialogue with the Universe

in 2018 
・Canon seeks fully automated facility - ECONOMICS
・One-chip computer with the ability to exceed the human brain will be born. [1]
2030  Computer with a comparable human intelligence will emerge. [2]
2040  One-chip computer will have a capacity of 100 000 times the human brain. [1]
2045  Artificial intelligence is beyond the human in terms of knowledge and intelligence. Mankind technological progress prediction of the past no longer apply.
(=Technological singularity(2005年 Ray Kurzweil (1948- ))[3]
2045~2100  Fusion power plant construction [4]
100 years later   Mankind manages the total energy of the earth and colonizes in the vicinity of the planet. [5]

10 million years later  Starship Solar-System(SSS)is completed.
20 million years later Reaching of the SSS to the other star.

100 million years later Mass extinction by volcanic activity occurs. [6][6]’
Billion years later Solar luminosity increase more than 10%.[9]
2 billion years later  Earth's oceans have dried up. (Evaporated water will diffuse out of the earth) [9]
3 ~4billion years later There may be Andromeda galaxy and our Milky Way galaxy (2.5 million light years away now) collision.
(If they collide, the chance of individual stars colliding with each other is extremely low.) [7][8][9] [10]
5 billion years later  The sun has become a red giant. [9]
10 billion years later  The life of the sun [9]

Trillions of years away The universe will continue to expand forever, would fully cold. [11]

☆The meaning in which the intelligence exists is to create the meaning. 
☆The important thing for the intelligence is to spread its own idea. 

☆Be positive, do it positive, give the positive! 

Creating is the essence of life.-Julius Caesar(B.C.100- B.C.44)

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Although it is good to be principle, it will not work well if only principle.
It will have failed, if you think that it succeeded.
It has succeeded, even if you think that it failed.
It has lost, if you think that it won.
It won, even if you think that it lost.
It becomes the wrong even if you regard it as the good, it becomes the good even if you regard it as the wrong.
Even if you regard it as there being something, it is nothing to speak of.
Some are great even if you regard it as there being nothing.

☆Life begins always.

98 未来へ!

98 未来へ!【まとめ】宇宙との対話

2030年 人間並みの知能を持ったコンピュータが出現する。[2] [3]
2040年 人間の脳の10万倍の能力をワンチップのコンピュータが持つに至る。[1]
2045年 人工知能が知識・知能の点で人間を超越し、これまでの人類技術進歩予測は通用しなくなる。(技術的特異点)[4]
2045~2100年 核融合発電所を建設 [5]
100年後 地球の全エネルギーを管理し、近くの惑星に植民する。[6]

1,000万年後 星船=宇宙船太陽系号完成
2,000万年後 宇宙船太陽系号が他の恒星に到達する。

1億年後  火山活動による大量絶滅 [7]

数兆年先 宇宙は永遠に膨張を続け、冷え切ってしまう。[11]



創造こそ生の本質なのだ。-ユリウス・カエサル(B.C.100- B.C.44)

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97 Summary/Future of the Universe and the Intelligence

97 Summary/Future of the Universe and the Intelligence【Summary】Dialogue with the Universe

We've been exploring the future of the universe and the intelligence.
Here is the summary.

○Future of the Universe
・Our universe will continue expansion, becomes cold, and galaxies and stars soon are likely to welcome the death.
• Therefore, mankind should escape to any parallel universe, but it is impossible to move the body to the parallel universe.
• Only one hope is communication between parallel universe.
• If we could use the quantum teleportation between parallel universe, we will be able to send the information of DNA and intelligence.
• In order to obtain the intellectual and material resources for the communication with the parallel universe, development of the universe is also necessary.
・We need a long time to communicate between the stella, but the universe will become lively.

☆However, if the dark energy has a structure, the universe is supported by dark energy.

○Future of the intelligence
・We will produce growing AI (: GAI) .
  • The brain is the most advanced structures in the universe, so the intelligence will develop in a way that the brain and the GAI was network.
・The important thing for the intelligence body is the lore of the miracle that it was born and has been developing in this universe.
• Therefore, intelligence body is necessary to pursue the possibility of communication with the parallel universe until the moment of the death of the universe.


97 まとめ/宇宙と知性の未来

97 まとめ/宇宙と知性の未来【まとめ】宇宙との対話







96 Communication with the Alien

96 Communication with the Alien【Exploring intelligence】Dialogue with the Universe

96―1 Technology level [1]

Level 1 To capture the signal emitted of the alien advanced than humanity.
Level 2 We also emit signals, and communicate with the aliens. 

※Symmetrical region:Including a parallel universe.
※Communication with parallel universe is assumed to use gravitational wave.

<Current situation>
In February 2016, the Advanced LIGO team announced that they had detected gravitational waves from a pair of black holes merging. [2]

96-2 Communications content: What should tell?

○Important is to transmit the idea.
○The idea to be transmitted
1 Communication technology
2 Achievements of mathematics and physics
3 Cosmology and Intelligence Theory
4 Other

96-3 a Dyson sphere!(October 2015) [3]
○One theory for an advanced alien race is that they might harness the power of an entire star.
○In addition, it is possible to know the direction of technology development.
○KIC 8462852, located 1,480 light-years away, has produced a series of bizarre light fluctuations researchers cannot explain, so this looks like a Dyson sphere.
※Image of a Dyson sphere [3]

○However, the communication with KIC 8462852, located 1,480 light-years away, takes 3, 000 years.
○It is estimated that while the space travel by Dyson spheres Intelligence bodies would contact with other one if necessary.

☆You will meet the person you needed if you progress. 

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96 宇宙人との交信

96 宇宙人との交信【知性を探る】宇宙との対話

96―1 技術レベル [1]

レベル1 人類より進んだ宇宙人の発した信号を捕らえる。
レベル2 人類からも信号を発し、宇宙人と交信する。


2015年 カリフォルニア工科大とマサチューセッツ工科大などの共同研究チームが重力波を初検出。[2]

96-2 交信内容:何を伝えるべきか?

1 交信技術
2 数学・物理学の成果
3 宇宙論・知性論
4 その他

96-3 ダイソン球発見!(2015年10月) [3]
○地球から1,480 光年離れた恒星KIC 8462852は、不自然な赤外線を発していることから、ダイソン球である可能性がある。

○しかし、1,480 光年離れた恒星KIC 8462852との交信には3,000年かかる。


【参 考】
1. Wikipedia:地球外知的生命体探査(Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence SETI(セティ、セチ))
2. Wikipedia:重力波

95 Future of Intelligence

95 Future of Intelligence【Exploring intelligence】Dialogue with the Universe

1) If the intelligence is substance dependence, since the escape from the solar system is difficult, I've been exploring for intelligence that does not depend on the substance.
2) However, I began to think the role of mankind to create the GAI [1]and to send out the GAI to the parallel universe not only outside the solar system.
3) When GAI has expanded into the universe, would they stick to move?

・・・The answer of Question 3) will come known to human beings begin to Mars travel.
・・・And, GAI’s answers?

☆ The important thing for the intelligence is to spread its own idea, and to communicate between the parallel universe rather than escape from the universe.
☆ Communication between the parallel universe would be done by GAI.

☆ Do not need to stop thinking. This is because, since we are already GAI of level2 .
※Level of intelligence 
 Level1  Frontal lobe of the brain to judge and create.
 Level2  Brain is using artificial intelligence to auxiliary. (The current)
 Level3  Brain and artificial intelligence do judgment and creativity together.

1. GAI:Growing Artificial Intelligence No.35,No.40,No.41